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Research Publications

Professor James Galbraith

James Galbraith

Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Chair in Government/Business Relations and Professor of Government



With Maureen Berner, ed., Inequality and Industrial Change: A Global View, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001, in hardcover and paperback. Spanish edition, AKAL, Economia Actual, forthcoming.

Academic Articles

With Ludmila Krytynskaia and Qifei Wang, "The Experience of Rising Inequality in Russia and China during the Transition." Forthcoming European Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol 1, No.1. Also forthcoming in Russian in Mir Peremin (World of Transformations).

With Enrique Garcilazo, "Unemployment, Inequality and the Policy of Europe, 1984-2000," Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review, forthcoming.

With Hyunsub Kum, "Inequality and Economic Growth: A Global View Based on Measures of Pay" CESifo Economic Studies Vol. 49, 4/2003, 527-556.

With Pedro Conceição, "Constructing Long and Dense Time Series of Inequality Using the Theil Statistic," Eastern Economic Journal, 26(1), 61-74, June 2000.

With Paulo Du Pin Calmon, Pedro Filipe Teixeira da Conceição, Vidal Garza-Cantú and Abel Hibert, "The Evolution of Industrial Wage Inequality in Mexico and Brazil," Review of Development Economics, 4(2), 194-203, June 2000.

With Pedro Conceição and Pedro Ferreira: "Inequality and Unemployment in Europe: The American Cure," New Left Review, No.237, September-October 1999, 28-51. Also published as "Ungleicheit and Arbeitslosigeit in Europe: Das amerikanische Rezept" in Berliner Debatten, 10, Jahrgang 1999, 4/5 (Dezember) 50-67.

With Vidal Garza Cantú, "Exporting Inequality? Recent changes in industrial wage inequality in Canada, Mexico and the United States," Income and Productivity in North America, Commission on Labor Cooperation, Washington, 2001, 27-54.