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Research Publications

Professor Peter Ward

Peter Ward

Profesor of Public Affairs and Sociology, C.B. Smith Sr. Centennial Chair in US-Mexico Relations


"Informality of housing production at the urban-rural interface: the not-so-strange case of colonias in the US: Texas, the border and beyond" In Urban Informality Editor, Nezar Al Sayyad, Lexington/Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley.

With Flavio de Souza, Cecilia Giuisti, Jane Larson, and Marlynn May, 2003. An Evaluation of the Community Resources Group Land Titling Project in Starr County Colonias, 2003.

With Mona Koerner: "Informal Housing Options for the Urban Poor in the South-West United States: Towards a Typology of Colonias and Homestead Subdivisions", 2003 paper under review.

With Elizabeth Durden, "Government and Democracy in Mexico's Federal District, 1997-2001: Cardenas, the PRD and the Curate's Egg." Bulletin of Latin American Research, 21(1):1-39.

"Tracking Land Ownership in Self-Help Homestead Subdivisions in the United States: The Case of Texas 'Colonias'". Journal of Land Policy 18, 273-86.

In collaboration with Robert Stevenson and Angela Stuesse, 2000. Residential Land Market Dynamics, Absentee Lot Owners and Densification Policies for Texas Colonias, An LBJ School of Public Affairs Policy Report.

With Crew, Jeremiah, 2000. "Absentee lot owners in Texas Colonias: Who are they, and what do they want?" Habitat International, 24, 2000, 327-345.

"Colonia Land and Housing Market Performance and the Impact of Lot Title Regularization in Texas", Urban Studies 41, 2004, 13. 2621-2646. (Lead author with C. Guisti and F. de Souza.)*

México, Megaciudad: Desarrollo y política 1970-2002. El Colegio Mexiquense, Miguel Angel Porrúa. 655pp. New Chapter Gobierno y democracia en el DF. 2004, pp 429-79.

"Informal Housing Options for the Urban Poor in the US: A Typology of Colonias and Other Homestead Subdivisions". With Mona Koerner.

"Con el título en la mano: The Meaning of Full Property Titles, and the Impact of Titling Programs Upon Low Income Housing Improvements in Texas Colonias." With Jane Larson, Flavio de Souza and Cecilia Giusti.

Integrating Remote Sensing/GIS Methods in Analyzing Peri-Urban Housing subdivisions". With Paul Peters.

Competitiveness in the Peri-Urban Metropolitan Hinterland" Paper prepared for the Seminar "Desarrollo Regional y Competividad", IBERGOP/CIDE, 5-6 September, Mexico City.