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The University of Texas at Austin

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

DCSCS and Team Awesome

The semester is wrapping up soon and so are our courses – it’s time to submit final papers, give presentations, and write our last memos. Two days ago, I was part of a presentation in one of the most enjoyable courses in my life, a LBJ class taught by a practitioner named Kevin Bacon. Guess what the topic of the presentation was? DCSCS!

Why did I want to study DCSCS? The topic was enticing because I am really thankful to be here through the DCSCS program, and I want more students to enjoy this type of remarkable experience. Although I am 28 years old and married, I have been learning new things every day. I cannot tell you how much DCSCS has expanded my horizons and how rewarding it is.

Moira, our DCSCS program coordinator, was an amazing help for my presentation team (we called ourselves Team Awesome) throughout the semester while we were researching DCSCS. She always helped us with a warm smile and generosity, as all Texans do. She provided us with all the information we needed and always came to our rescue when we needed help. The focus of our project was analyzing the application process for the inbound exchange students at LBJ School of Public Affairs. To help streamline the process, we created a logic model, a cross-functional process flowchart, and made recommendations for the program. The great thing about our research is that it can be applied to any other program where the RGK Center or the LBJ School brings in exchange students.

To make our presentation entertaining, we invited a hypothetical person who we called “Jack.” Jack walked the class through the issues in the application process and made recommendations that basically focused on increasing the visibility and scope of DCSCS. The idea of personalizing the process was really enjoyable to the rest of the class. After class, I forwarded our team memo and presentation to Moira. And guess what? She will use our work in her future presentations. YES! Team Awesome got what it wanted. ☺

Love from lively Austin,

Team Awesome (L to R): Professor Kevin Bacon, Avinash, Laura, Engy, and John

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