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CHASP News Archive

May 25, 2011
CHASP Professor Jacqui Angel Edits First Handbook of Sociology of Aging
Read More >
April 29, 2011
CHASP Prof Michele Deitch receives Tower Award from University's Volunteer Service Learning Center
Deitch is one of two winners of the teaching award, which recognizes excellence and commitment to promoting meaningful service in the classroom and throughout the community. Read More >
April 28, 2011
Angel Focuses on Aging in America from Latino Perspective
CHASP professor Jacqueline Angel takes a close look at the extent to which immigration-related factors and economic resources affect options and living arrangements for older Mexican-origin individuals as they age.Read More >
April 25, 2011
Students recognize outstanding teachers; CHASP's Wong and Evans receive multiple awards
The awards recognize faculty members across six categories, including most engaging teaching style, most valuable class, and best new professor. Nominees for the awards were selected by the LBJ School's student body, and winners were chosen by the number of nominations they received.Read More >
March 31, 2011
LBJ School to Generate First Texas Statewide Measure of Teacher Effectiveness
The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has contracted with the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs to develop a comprehensive metric that measures a teacher's effect on student achievement under the direction of the school's Project on Educator Effectiveness and Quality (PEEQ). Read More >
March 3, 2011
CHASP Professor Jacqui Angel Receives $680,000 Grant from National Institute of Health
Dr. Angel will lead a team of researchers from The University of Texas at Austin's Population Research Center, University of California, Los Angeles, and Florida State University to study the risk of long-term care in older Mexican-American families. Read More >
February 10, 2010
Reaching the United Nation's Millenium Development Goal V: Nepal's Success in Improving Maternal Health
Nepal is one of the world's poorest and least-developed countries, with about a third of its people living in poverty. Lack of access to medical care, poor health education and the low status of women contribute to a high maternal mortality rate. Read more >
February 9, 2010
Health Homes Workshop
The Health Homes Workshop for the Health of Texas is being held on March 22-23. The workshop will include panel presentation and discussion on Health Homes for Children and for Adults with Chronic Illness. Workshop sessions are divided into six areas: Medical Home Design & Implementation, Accountable Care Organizations, Evidence-Based Care, HIT: Data Systems and Quality Improvement, Reimbursement Models, and Care Coordination. See agenda.
September 1, 2009
CHASP proudly welcomes new research affiliates and CHASP professors Benedicte Callan and Benjamin Sasse.
Benedicte Callan, the Head of the Biotechnology Unit for the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), is joining the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs research team as a Sid Richardson Fellow focusing on health policy and innovation and as a research affiliate of the Center for Health and Social Policy (CHASP). Read more about Dr. Callan >

Ben Sasse served as U.S. assistant secretary of health and human services from 2007 to 2009 and joins the LBJ School as an Assistant Professor. His current research looks at efforts to modernize payment systems in American health care. Read more about Dr.Sasse >
September 1, 2009
Perfect partner for CHASP: LBJ Student Organization Focuses on Health, Social and Economic Policy
Fall 2009 marks the beginning of Social, Health, Economic, and Education Policymakers' (SHEP) third year at the LBJ School. The organization considers itself a "home" for students interested in investigating social, health, and economic policy issues beyond the classroom. Read More >
January 7, 2009
Angel Awarded $37,000 Grant
LBJ School Professor Jacqueline Angel is a member of a team of sociologists who have been awarded a $37,000 grant to study the health and aging of Mexican migrants living in selected cities in America and Mexico. The team will analyze survey data collected in the United States and Mexico and will interview elderly Mexican immigrants. They hope their research will improve the understanding of how the maintenance and the severance of social networks associated with the immigration experience affect the heath and well-being of elderly Mexican immigrants.
December 2008
CHASP releases policy briefs to focus on health insurance in Texas
Created as part of a professional research project under the direction of CHASP professor Jeanne Lambrew, these policy briefs support the work of the Texas Coverage Institute funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and together provide a comprehensive look at options for expanding health insurance coverage in Texas. Read More >
November 18, 2008
CHASP releases issue brief, "The Challenges of Health Insurance for Small Businesses in Texas: Profiles and Trends"
Employers are the main source of health insurance coverage for most Texans under 65, but small businesses face significant challenges in providing health insurance for employees. This issue brief provides new information from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey about some of the challenges facing small businesses in providing health insurance. Download brief >>
September 30, 2008
2008 Wilbur and Eloise Cohen Award winner selected
The 2008 recipient of the Wilber and Eloise Cohen Award is Jennifer DeRouen Moore for her professional report, "The Impacts of the Citizenship Documentation Requirement on the Medicaid Program." Ms. Moore currently lives in Cary, North Carolina. Read more >>
April 19, 2008
Perfect partner for CHASP: LBJ Students Create Organization to Focus on Health, Social and Economic Policy
April 2008 marks the first anniversary of the formation of Social, Health and Economic Policymakers, or SHEP, at the LBJ School. The fledging organization provides a portal for information of interest to students in social policy. "I had a growing interest in health and social policy," says Julie Montgomery, SHEP Steering Committee Chair, "I started talking with others who shared my interests and we thought, 'why not an organization?'" A few meetings later, SHEP was born. Read more >>
April 19, 2008
CHASP presents first in series of issue briefs
Asthma is an increasing public health problem, the incidence of which has increased over the past two decades in Texas and the United States. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease. Attacks vary from mild to life threatening and include inflammation and narrowing of small airways. Asthma triggers include allergens, like pollen; infections; exercise; weather changes and exposure to airway irritants, like tobacco smoke. Asthma disproportionately affects some populations more than others. It can be controlled, but not cured. Download Brief >>
April 01, 2008
CHASP Professor Cynthia Osborne wins teaching award
CHASP Professor Cynthia Osborne received the Texas Exes Teaching Award for her "positive influence on the educational experience of university students." Read more>>
April 1, 2008
Lincove's study to examine link between child health and early education
Findings from CHASP Professor Jane Lincove's research about the effect of economic development on women's participation in the labor force in developing countries will be published in the Journal of Developing Areas in April. Her article, "Growth, Girls' Education, and Female Labor: A Longitudinal Analysis," may have experts reevaluating the role of women in growing economies. Read more>>
April 1, 2008
CHASP's Cynthia Osborne wins NIH grant to examine effect of health on early learning
Drs. Robert Crosnoe (PI) and Shannon Cavanaugh of the Department of Sociology,and CHASP professor Dr. Cynthia Osborne received funding from the National Institutes for Health (NIH) for a research project to evaluate the connection between child health and early education. "This research will help us to better understand how differentials in children's physical and emotional health in early childhood affect the gap in school performance at school entry and in the elementary school years," says Osborne. Read more>>
April 1, 2008
2007 Wilbur and Eloise Cohen Award winner selected.
The 2007 recipient of the Wilber and Eloise Cohen Award is Jennifer Leigh Deegan for her professional report, "Expanding Children's Health Insurance Coverage in Texas." Ms. Deegan currently works for Texas Representative Patrick Rose in the House Committee on Human Services. Read more >>