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The University of Texas at Austin

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

Policy Briefs and Reports

In addition to academic journal articles, CHASP researchers produce a variety of other timely publications, including policy briefs, project reports, and pieces for the news media.


"Empowering School Districts and Parents to Use Tutors Effectively." Carolyn J. Heinrich. 2014.


"Understanding and Addressing Youth Violence in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department." Michele Deitch, Amy Madore, Kate Vickery, and Alycia Welch. 2013.

"Managing Health Reform: Texas." David Warner, Samuel Richardson, Elizabeth Colvin, and their 2013-14 Policy Research Project Class (see report for all student names). 2013.

"The Efficacy of Private Sector Providers in Improving Public Educational Outcomes." Carolyn J. Heinrich and Hiren Nisar. 2013.


"Conditions for Certified Juveniles in Texas County Jails." Michele Deitch, Anna Lipton Galbraith, and Jordan Pollock. 2012.

"Policy and Program Recommendations for Redesigning Supplemental Educational Services." Patricia Burch and Carolyn Heinrich. 2012.

"The South African Child Support Grant Impact Assessment." Carolyn Heinrich, John Hoddinott , Michael Samson, Kenneth Mac Quene, Ingrid van Niekerk, and Bryant Renaud. 2012.