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The University of Texas at Austin

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

The Wilbur and Eloise Cohen Award Past Winners:


Melissa King: "NGO's and the Role of Civic Engagement in Promoting Efficient HIV/AIDS Programming in Rural Africa"


Jennifer DeRouen Moore: "The Impacts of the Citizenship Documentation Requirement on the Medicaid Program"


Jennifer Leigh Deegan: "Expanding Children's Health Insurance Coverage in Texas"


Crystal Michelle Jones: "The Mentally Ill in Jails: Challenges and Recommendations


Stacey Pogue: "Covering Uninsured College Students in Texas: The Role of Student Health Insurance"

Susan George: "Drug Control Price in India: A Bitter Pill or Panacea?"


Matthew S. Canedy: "Health Care Systems in the Era of Globalization: Resiliency or Retrenchment?"


Jennifer A. Eldridge: "An Assessment of the Individual Health Insurance Tax Credit Approach to Reducing the Number of Uninsured"

Kate A. Brodsky: "Long-Term Effectiveness of Offender Mental Health Care in Texas: An Assessment of the Impact of In-Custody and Post-Custody Treatment on Recidivism"


Elizabeth Raye Kegler: "Utilizing Federal Waiver Flexibility to Expand Medicaid to Adults in Texas"

Jonathan Kahn Weizenbaum: "The Role of Interest Groups in Long-Term Care Policy: A Texas Case Study"