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CPG is dedicated to providing unique courses and educational opportunities for students. Click here to learn more about our courses.
As part of our series of events surrounding the 2012 election, CPG hosted an invigorating panel about Americans Elect, an organization that is promoting an online ballot for a third party candidate in the 2012 election! Click here for more details.
LBJ Students enrolled in a full-year CPG research course on Use of Social Media by Congress traveled to Washington D.C. and delivered the final report to the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress.
Visit Storify: The story of controversial legislation in the Texas Legislature through tweets.
CPG's Thinkers and Doers: Interns in Action during the 83rd Texas Legislature. Click here to learn about internships in federal, state and local government.
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    Inside the City 2014

    Join fellow alumni and students working with the City of Austin and other local government for a networking event, 'Inside the City' in the lovely City Hall lobby.

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    Housing + Transit Forum

    Austin's rapidly growing population generates questions around the intersection between housing options and viable transportation networks. The forum will explore access, affordability, and how transportation and housing influence one another.

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    Reimagining Cities: Building Resiliency

    A full-day symposium featuring distinguished mayors and prominent stakeholders exploring three key areas in reimagining a vibrant urban core: arts and culture, economic development and, game-changing technology

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    LBJ School and Texas TribFest through Tweets


    View the latest hot topics through tweets

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    Greenberg comments on Perry's plans


    KVUE News

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    CPG Awarded IBM Research Grant


    Going Digital and Mobile for Innovative Public Engagement: A City Manager's Handbook

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