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CPG@LBJ- Where Ideas Meet Action

Thinkers, Doers, and Public Sector Innovators

Our Mission

The Center for Politics and Governance is dedicated to producing leaders and ideas to improve the political process and governance through innovative teaching, research and programming combining academics and the real world.

Major Initiatives

What We Do


  • Provide a Full Year Internship Program at the Texas Legislature, combining world-class instruction with hands-on experience in the offices of state legislators.
  • Promote direct student participation with state and local government by sponsoring student organizations and activities such as training students as voter registrars.
  • Teach innovative courses including Conversations on Leadership, Modern American Political Campaign, and Social Filmmaking.
  • Develop student research capabilities through participation in full year research project classes.


  • Conduct original research regarding digital government and use of social media.
  • Produce research reports such as "Texas Transparency: Beyond Raw Data" and "Texas Financial Transparency: Open and Online."
  • Author forthcoming book chapter- "Transparency Issues in E-Governance and Civic Engagement" in a book in entitled Active Citizen Participation in E-Government: A Global Perspective to be released in January 2012.


  • Provide expertise to the Texas Legislature and media organizations on political campaigns, digital government, transparency, and public financial management.
  • Formulate public policy solutions by transforming CPG research recommendations into actionable legislation.


  • Expose students, faculty and the community to cutting edge ideas by bringing national leaders and experts to speak at the CPG@LBJ Perspective Series.
  • Host candidate forums and debates to inform citizen decision-making and facilitate public participation.
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