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The statements made here represent the speakers' own thoughts. Neither the LBJ School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin, nor any organization providing support for this effort necessarily endorses the views and statements included here.
Video Description The State of Hispanic Politics: Understanding Hispanic Voters and their Electoral Impact
The Future is Now: Hispanic Impact on American Politics and Government
Moderator: Dr. Paul Stekler, Professor of Public Affairs and Radio-Television-Film, The University of Texas at Austin James Aldrete, President and Creative Director, Message Audience & Presentation Michael Baselice, President, Baselice & Associates Kelly Fero, Founder, Fero Hewitt Global Frank Guerra, Marketing Communications Consultant, Guerra, DeBerry, Coody Luis Saenz, Government Relations and Public Affairs Consultant and former Campaign Manager for Governor Rick Perry Dr. Daron Shaw, Associate Professor of Government, The University of Texas at Austin
Duration: 69 minutes
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