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CPG Presents: Documentary Films Premieres --LBJ Style

Wed March 31, 2010 at SRH 3.122

The Media Initiative Program of the Center for Politics and Governance is hosting the Grand Premier Screening Event for documentaries from Dr. Paul Stekler's Documentary Film Class last fall. Your classmates--future Sundance luminaries and Academy Award winners--worked hard to produce films that address and explore different public policy issues with intellect, tact, and feeling.  Each filmmaker will introduce his/her film, and then take a few questions afterwards. 

Featured Films

Show and Tell

In a South Austin center for the elderly, a group of six seniors take a class in documenting their own lives.  How do they feel about getting older?  How do they feel about the lives they've led and fitting into to the world they live in now?  And how do they figure out how to turn the cameras on, when these senior citizens cross the digital divide?  This is a film about getting older in America.


Who are the Texans who call for an independent Lone State country?  Are they the products of a political movement?  Are they your neighbors?  Are they making headway?  This is a film about the contemporary call for Texas secession.


It is the policy of our city not to kill stray dogs.  The reality, though, is very different.  A visit to a city shelter is proof of that. This is a film about Austin's no-kill policy -- and a call to make it a reality.

A Job

The issue of abortion is one of the most divisive in our nation's politics.  Lost in the debate -- and the media focus on advocates and opponents -- are the women who work in the clinics.  This film is about the voices of those women.

Rush to Judgement

The case of Cameron Todd Willingham, executed for the murder of his children in a fire, has received national attention. What were the particulars of this case?  What are their implications in state policy?  This is a film about one case and the death penalty in Texas.


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