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Politics and Policy: Federal State and Local

With a host of resources, including research and politics and policy experts, the Center is a vital source of information for policymakers and the media. The Center studies, conducts analysis and facilitates the success of federal, state, and local policy and politics through a broad range of specific programs. The initiative includes courses, research and programming related to state legislatures, local governments, urban issues, and the federal government and federal issues. Also, the Center sponsors an internship program with the Texas Legislature and has students interning with local governments and the federal government.

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Effective Governance

This initiative promotes a practical exploration of the challenges of implementing public policy and the new challenges in governance. The Center combines theory and research with lessons learned from practitioners and promotes opportunities for students to pursue internships, coursework, and a variety of learning experiences. By interacting with alumni, elected officials, and the spectrum of policy practitioners, students gain a sophisticated understanding of the current process and proposals for reform and effective governance. During the past two years, the Center has conducted cutting-edge research on financial transparency and online governance and civic engagement and held two conferences with student participation.

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Technology and Media in Public Affairs

Without a doubt, media is changing the face of public affairs. From print media to the rise of citizen journalists, from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn, news media is used to gain support not only for political campaigns and party agendas, but also to influence public policymakers and legislation. The Center serves as the hub for providing dynamic non partisan platforms for public debate and specialized issue expertise against a backdrop of an ever-changing political landscape. The Center has established courses and flagship programming such as the Perspecitive@CPG Series, and expert panel discussions in collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders.

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Leadership in the Public Arena

The Center for Politics and Governance and the LBJ School of Public Affairs will prepare our graduates to be leaders in government, non profits and the private sector. This initiative includes a new leadership lecture series to engage UT and the wider Austin community, and showcase scholars and leaders from UT and Austin. In today's globalized, networked world, leaders face a daunting set of challenges. The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs launched its 40th anniversary celebration "LBJ@40" with a new LBJ School Fall Leadership Lecture Series. The inaugural series featured noted speakers from the University, the Austin community, and Central Texas who offered their thoughts on leadership from the perspectives of politics, history, ethics, philanthropy, business and athletics.

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