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Effective Governance

This initiative promotes a practical exploration of the challenges of implementing public policy, with an emphasis on lessons learned from practitioners. The Center attracts fellows from government service who can share their knowledge and experience with students. In addition, the Center seeks interdisciplinary research collaboration with other academic units that examine the governance process.

The Center also promotes opportunities for students to pursue internships, coursework, and a variety of learning experiences. By interacting with alumni, elected officials, and the spectrum of policy practitioners, students gain a sophisticated understanding of the current process and proposals for reform.

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Building Resiliency

On Friday, October 25 the Center for Politics and Governance hosted a full-day symposium on challenges facing American cities and forward-thinking approaches for success in the future. Discussion covered an array of topics that are essential to the health and life of cities. The day included a lunch panel with mayor's from some of the America's most innovative and creative cities including Austin and Oklahoma City


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