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Technology and Media in Public Affairs

It is nearly impossible to understand the working of politics and policymaking without appreciating the integral role of the media in shaping the public dialogue. Traditionally, news media have been seen as a normative democratic political institution whose job is to inform citizens about public issues and act as guardian of the public interest. Lately, however, those perceptions have evolved in both scope and complexity as the ever-accelerating 24/7 news cycle and an increasingly strident tone of public dialogue makes it more difficult to focus public debate, evaluate the accuracy of information or the validity of sources, and build a political consensus necessary to shape, lead or change public policy.

Featured Event

Texas Tribune Festival: Unofficial Kick-Off!

Texas Tribune Festival: Unofficial Kick-Off!

A Conversation with Four of the State's Leading Superintendents

Join CPG for the unofficial Texas Tribune Festival Kick-Off Event and hear four of our state’s leading superintendents discuss the most pressing issues facing Texas schools.

Texas Tribune Festival: Unofficial Kick-Off!

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Texas Tribune Festival: Unofficial Kick-Off!

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