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Three-Year Dual Degree With Law and Public Affairs or Global Policy Studies

3 years, 2 degrees, high impact careersA Fast Track to Public Leadership

The LBJ School of Public Affairs and the UT School of Law provide an innovative three-year dual degree program distinct from more traditional, four-year programs. This intensive program is designed for students who want to integrate the study of policy and law and prepare themselves to have an impact on public policy at the highest levels, while getting a jump on the job market by completing both degrees in only three years.  You will learn to think like a lawyer, obtaining a broad legal education that introduces you to the concepts and analytic structure of many areas of law.  You will also acquire the analytical skills and rigorous real-world training necessary to effect meaningful policy change. With the best of both worlds, you will graduate ahead of schedule with a highly marketable tool-kit of knowledge, skills and experience. 

Two Degrees, Many Paths

In our modern global society, it may take more than a law degree or a public policy degree to solve some of our world’s greatest challenges.  A large proportion of all public issues have legal implications, and we want to equip you to take on these critical issues. Whether confronted with legal considerations or policy debates, you will be able to think critically about law, justice and public policy, and will be able to apply your intellectual and analytic skills to solve 21st century problems.  Through this integrated program, you will be poised to take on high-level roles on the national or international stage, enjoying greater flexibility of career choice.

Customizing Your Degree

The LBJ School offers two-degree program pairings, the Master of Public Affairs and the Doctor of Jurisprudence, and the Master of Global Policy Studies and the Doctor of Jurisprudence. Through these two-degree combinations, you can choose whether to focus on federal, state and local policy issues under the MPAff Degree or focus on international relations and d