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Program Overview:

Through simulations, discussions, and exchanging perspectives with your peers, you will  learn and practice fresh approaches to the leadership and decision-making strategies that characterize all great leaders.  A follow-up, ninety-minute mini-workshop will be scheduled approximately 3 months following the May 9th seminar to enhance learning and application.

Program Benefits:

Upon completion of this one-day program and follow-up, you will:

  • Develop a new way of thinking about the future and your role as a decision-maker;
  • Learn a framework for more strategically assessing/addressing complex organizational issues;
  • See connections, leverage opportunities, and better anticipate problems;  
  • Be better equipped to navigate the critical leadership challenges facing your organization.

Leadership Thinking

A New Approach to Strategic Issues

How critical is strategic thinking to your success as a leader?

In serious decision situations, the pressure is on leaders to move quickly to action, often without fully identifying and understanding the background and context that affect the situation.

“Leadership Thinking” will immerse you in an experiential process of redefining your decision-making as a leader. In-class exercises and discussion will help you define key strategic questions that will help your organization overcome the mental and culturalconstraints on strategic thinking. 
Who Should Attend:  Managers and senior-level leaders who want to move their leadership decision making to a higher and more dynamic level.

"Gifted leaders often fail because they rely on past strategies that no longer work. Leadership in a changing world requires a different framework of analysis for strategic decision-making."

— Professor Jeremi Suri

What past participants have said about this course:

“The opportunity to make space for thinking in new ways is invaluable!  Applying historical perspective to business challenges should be the standard for all effective leaders; this course moves you along on that path.”

“…I now routinely think of Professor Suri’s strategy lessons whenever we embark on a new venture.”

“The modern business executive will greatly enhance his abilities to deal both with externalities and internal stakeholders when he completes this seminar…  Suri will lead down paths we are not used to negotiating, but will guide participants to become more complete