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Public Executive Institute

Alumni of the early PEI courses: Sign up to learn more

Alumni of the early PEI courses (1980’s-1990’s):

We ask your action in two areas.  First, fill in your contact information below so that we may alert you to future alumni events connected with the Public Executive Institute. 

Secondly, let us know if you are able to attend the special alumni session that is being offered, on a complimentary basis, as part of the next generation of the PEI being conducted in Austin on April 6-11, 2014. 

Session: “Political Astuteness: Bridging the Gap Between Political Acceptability and Administrative Sustainability,” by renowned Kansas University professor John Nalbandian.  This session will identify the manager's role in articulating the political values involved in policy issues and understanding/navigating the differences in the logic of politics and the logic of administration.

Location:  Commons Learning Center at UT’s Pickle Campus, 10100 Burnet Road, Austin, 78758

Date/Time:  Wednesday, April 9, 1:00-5:00 pm. (with reception to follow, 5:00-6:30 pm)

Hotels:  PEI participants are staying at the Aloft Hotel in the Domain area, across from the Pickle Campus/Commons Learning Center.  Contact information for the Aloft and other nearby hotels:

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