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Type Publication Yearsort icon Author Title Topics Publisher Page UT Library
Dissertation 1992 Jan Gilbreath* Estimating Differences in Air Emissions from Industrial Chemical Production in Texas and Mexico
Dissertation 1994 Robin Senner* Cumulative Effects Assessment and Sustainable Development under the National Environmental Policy Act
Dissertation 1996 John Horrigan* Cooperation Among Competitors in Research Consortia: The Evolution of MCC and SEMATECH
Dissertation 1997 Kim Junmo* Macro Evaluation of Korean Industrial Policy: A Wage Analysis Based on Discriminant Analysis
Dissertation 1997 Elizabeth Jane Maxwell* The Nature and Extent of Heroin Addiction in Texas: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study
Dissertation 1997 Michael Bomba* The Effects of International Trade on National Sovereignty: The Case of the Central American Common Market
Dissertation 1998 Becker, Stephan* Rethinking the Educational Production Function Paradigm
Dissertation 1998 Maureen Berner* U.S. Federal Budget Structure 1962-1995: Beyond Incrementalism
Dissertation 1998 Lévy Alberto* How Many Years Should I Be Married? Long-Term Power Contracts in the Electric Utility Industry in Texas
Dissertation 1998 Judith Mariscal* The Mexican Telecommunications Reform: A Political Economy Approach
Dissertation 1998 Reid Cramer* Local Economic Development Planning in Low-Income Urban America: The Case of the Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Initiative
Dissertation 1999 David Hurlbut* Irrigation for Sale: A Case Study of Water Marketing and Conservation in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
Dissertation 1999 Lu Jiaqing* Inequality and Industrial Change in China and the Financial Crisis in Thailand: An Analysis Using Cluster and Discriminant Techniques and the Theil Inequality Measure
Dissertation 1999 Andrea Venezia* The Communication and Interpretation of Undergraduate Admissions Policy in Central Texas High Schools and Middle Schools
Dissertation 2000 Pedro Conceição* Growth, Technology and Inter-Industry Earnings Inequality in Manufacturing: Evidence from a Selection of OECD Countries, 1970-1990
Dissertation 2000 Matthew Wilson* Public Infrastructure Investment and Structural Economic Change: The Spatial Dynamics of Public Works in the United States
Dissertation 2000 Shao Chee Sim* New Federalism at Work? The Case of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Block Grant and Substance Abuse Spending in the American States
Dissertation 2001 Vidal Garza-Cantú* The Political Economy of Inequality: An Assessment of the Evolution of Earnings Inequality in Mexico and the Americas, 1968-2000
Dissertation 2001 Dana Baker* "Children's Disability Policy in Canada, the United States and Mexico: A Question of Convergence"
Dissertation 2001 Sharon Mastracci* Labor and Service Delivery: Training Programs for Women in Non-Traditional Occupations
Dissertation 2002 Jacqueline Fickel* Quality of Care Assessment: State Medicaid Administrators' Use of Quality Information
Dissertation 2002 Gonzalo Alcalde* Paths of Decentralization in Peru, 2003-05: Politics, Policymaking and Implementation
Dissertation 2002 Enrique Garcilazo* Regional Labor Markets: Unemployment and Inequality in Europe
Dissertation 2003 John Stickels* Victim Satisfaction: A Model of the Criminal Justice System
Dissertation 2004 Kum Hyunsub* Measuring Inequality: A Global view based on Manufacturing Pay
Dissertation 2004 Mona Koerner* Performance of the Hollow State: State and Local Responses to the Devolution of Affordable Housing Production
Dissertation 2004 Hamid Ali* Essays in Economic Development and Conflict
Dissertation 2004 Tara O* Contingency On The Korean Peninsula: Collapse To Unification
Dissertation 2005 Anindya Chaudhuri* Internet Demand in the United States
Dissertation 2005 Carlos Moreno* Decentralization, Electoral Competition, and Local Government Performance in Mexico
Article, Refereed Journal 2006 Busby, Joshua W. "Climate Change and Collective Action: Troubles in the Transition to a Post-Oil Economy" Climate Change, Global Economic Governance
Book Review 2006 Bussell, Jennifer Rev. of The Information Revolution and Developing Countries, by Ernest Wilson Science, Technology and Information Policy
Article, Refereed Journal 2006 Angel, Jacqueline L. Minority Group Status and Healthful Aging: Social Structure Still Matters Aging policy
Article, Refereed Journal 2006 Angel, Jacqueline L. "Religious Attendance and Cognitive Functioning among Older Mexican Americans" Aging policy
Book Chapter 2006 Angel, Jacqueline L. "Families, Poverty, and Children's Health" Healthcare and Health Policy
Book Chapter 2006 Angel, Jacqueline L. "Diversity and Aging" Aging policy
Article, Non-Refereed Journal 2006 Boske, Leigh B. "Innovation U.S. Freight Transportation Strategies" Infrastructure Systems and Policy
Article, Non-Refereed Journal 2006 Boske, Leigh B. "Global Trends & Market Shifts: Texas, China, and Mexico" International Trade
PRP 2006 Boske, Leigh B. Port and Supply-Chain Security Initiatives in the United States and Abroad International Trade
Article, Non-Refereed Journal 2006 Deitch, Michele "Legal Status of Prisoners" Criminal Justice
Book 2006 Eaton, David J.* The End of Sovereignty Foreign Affairs, Global and Regional Governance
Book Chapter 2006 Eaton, David J. "Introduction: The End of Sovereignty?" Foreign Affairs, Global and Regional Governance
PRP 2006 Eaton, David J. Dump, Burn, or Recycle? Used Oil Management in Texas Energy Policy, Environmental Policy
PRP 2006 Eaton, David J. What to Do about Waste Tires: A Case Study on the Mexico-Texas Border Environmental Policy
Article, Refereed Journal 2006 Flamm, Kenneth S. "Is A Computer Worth a Thousand Books? Internet Access and the Changing Role of Public Libraries" Science, Technology and Information Policy
Book Chapter 2006 Flamm, Kenneth S. "The Internet, the Government, and E- Governance" Science, Technology and Information Policy
Article, Non-Refereed Journal 2006 Galbraith, James K. "La Prédation Économique Moderne: Guerre, Fraude d’Entreprise et Cruelle Chimère des Réformes du Marché du Travail" Economic Policy
Article, Non-Refereed Journal 2006 Galbraith, James K. "Some notes on entrepreneurship and welfare state" Economic Policy, Social Welfare
Article, Non-Refereed Journal 2006 Galbraith, James K. "Unemployment in Europe: Some American Suggestions" Economic Policy, Labor Market and Industry Studies
Article, Refereed Journal 2006 Galbraith, James K. "Endogenous Doctrine, or Why Is Monetary Policy in America so Much Better than in Europe?" Economic Policy