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Summer 2 2013 - 94480 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Preparing Professionals for Climate Negotiations & Sustainble Growth Policies

Instructor(s): Eaton, David J.
Unique Number: 94480
Day & Time:
Room: University of Hiroshima, Japan
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Course Overview

Topics for these policy seminars have included environmental and natural resources policy, health-service delivery policy, social welfare policy, transportation policy, science and technology policy, international affairs, national security, urban and regional growth policy, and political campaigns.


Section Description

This course will take place at the IDEC University of Hiroshima International Center during August. 

This course seeks to prepare professionals for climate change and sustainable development negotiations associated with adoption of climate-related policies and technologies.

Thirty-two hours of course content address climate and development issues that affect any low carbon society, including climate science, applied climate science, climate engineering, economics, law and policy associated with climate change, the impact of climate mitigation and the potential for enhanced economic development through climate policies and technologies. These morning lectures seek to equip participants with an understanding of climate change processes as well as the prospects for prevention, mitigation, or adaptation to climate change consequences.<