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The University of Texas at Austin

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

Bipartisan Policy Project Breakfast

In conjunction with the LBJ Centennial Conference on Medicare, a breakfast discussion of health reform and The Bipartisan Policy Project was held on Monday, April 28 at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel in Austin Texas.

Mark McClellan, Visiting Fellow at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and former Bush Administration official, and Chris Jennings, former Clinton Administration official and Jeanne Lambrew, associate professor at the LBJ School, moderated a discussion of their new joint venture, the Bipartisan Policy Center’s (BPC) Leaders’ Project on the State of American Health Care. In attendance were Austin community business and health industry leaders, legislative representatives and Centennial Medicare Conference participants.

More on the Bipartisan Policy Center
The Bipartisan Policy Center is led by former U.S. Senate Majority Leaders Howard Baker, Tom Daschle, Bob Dole, and George Mitchell. It was formed to develop and promote solutions that would attract the public support and political momentum to achieve progress in key areas. On April 16, the Leaders launched this Project on health reform. Its goal is to “produce politically viable policy recommendations to address the delivery, cost, coverage, and financing challenges facing the nation’s health care system.” Lambrew, along with Joseph Antos of the American Enterprise Institute, will provide technical assistance to the effort. This project is also being managed by LBJ alumna Matt Canedy and will be staffed this summer by current LBJ student Garrett Groves.

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Dr. Jeanne Lambrew and Dean James B. Steinberg of the LBJ School of Public Affairs listen to Barbara Kennelly, the president and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, at the Bipartisan Policy Project Breakfast on April 28, 2008.