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2013 Alumni Weekend and Distinguished Public Service Award Ceremony

Friday, March 22, 2013

LBJ School alumni reception and Distinguished Public Service Award presentation for Robert Campbell (MPAff '73).

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2013 Alumni Weekend at the LBJ School
Robert Campbell (MPAff '73) and Dean Robert Hutchings
Students at Alumni Weekend
Josh Levine ('12) & Karina Lacouture ('12)
W. "Peck" ('73) and Patricia Young
Former GPAC Presidents Stephanie Chiarello ('08) and Larry Anazia ('11)
Class of 2011!
Jan Lindsey ('74) and Lisa Loftus-Otway ('04)
Paula Dandridge ('90)
Keith Hopson ('75) and Bob Campbell ('73)
The Campbell family
Harlan ('73) and June Cooper with Carolyn Garber
Bob Campbell ('73) and Ron Lindsey
Terrell Blodgett always enjoys chatting with students
Patricia and W. Peck Young ('73) with Jon ('02) and Leah Gillum
Class of '73: Bob Campbell, Harlan Cooper and W. Peck Young
40 years: Harlan Cooper, Bob Campbell and W. Peck Young
Students and alumni mix: Alanna Bitzel ('10) and Aaron Zacks
Students and alumni with Karina Lacouture ('12)
30 years: Courtney Brown and Rachel Dunlap, Class of 1983, with Chris King
Lisa Loftus-Otway ('04) Yvette Flores and student
Andrew Hoekzema ('07) chats with students
25 years! Class of 1988 Pat Francis, Paula Dandridge, Scott DeFife, Geoff Laredo and Ann Gill Howard
Harlan Cooper ('73), Angela Evans and student
Distinguished Public Service Award winners Bob Campbell and Albert Hawkins
Ron Lindsey, Terrell Blodgett and Albert Hawkins ('78)
Class of 1973 alumni Harlan Cooper and Bob Campbell chat with Prof. Michele Dietch
2006: Moira Porter, Kelty Garbee, Emily Sentilles ('08), Charles Wilson and Kristen McConnell
Jorge Garces ('77) and Meg Wilson ('76)
Lana Morris keeps tabs on students
Class of '88 enjoyed reuniting with Courney Brown ('83)
25 Years: Pat Francis, Paula Dandridge, Leszek Kasprowicz, Ann Gill Howard, Geoff Laredo, Laurie (Crumpton) Bisco, and Scott DeFife
Class of 1988 with Courtney Brown
2013 Alumni Weekend
Alumni Board and Austin Alumni Chapter members: Mark Troppe ('84), Garry Davis, Moses Garcia ('05), Mike Reyna ('82), Lauren Oertel ('12), Charles Wilson ('06), Jon Gillum ('02)
Scott DeFife ('88), Pat Francis ('88) and Courtney Brown ('83)
Distinguished Public Service Award honoree Bob Campbell with alumni and students
Bob Campbell ('73) and Dean Robert Hutchings
Bob Campbell accepts the 2012 Distinguished Public Service Award
Bob Campbell, 2012 Distinguished Public Service Award recipient
Professor Jeremi Suri and Bob Campbell ('73)
Distinguished Public Service Award recipients: Michael Reyna (2003), Dean Hutchings, Bob Campbell (2012) Courtney Brown (2010) and Albert Hawkins (2001)
Deloitte LBJers: Kara Harris, Bob Campbell, Karina Lacouture, Graeme Burrows, Niki V., Alyssa L, Kindra Allen, Maya M., Larry Anazia
The Campbell family
The Campbell family
The Campbell family
The Campbell family (class of 2035?)
Leszek Kasprowicz shares his Class of '88 pride
Ann Gill Howard ('88) and Albert Hawkins ('78)
Bob Campbell ('73) and Melissa Miller ('08)
Leszek Kasprowicz ('88) and Dean Robert Hutchings
Lana Morris congratulates Bob Campbell ('73)

Annual LBJ School alumni reception and Distinguished Public Service Award ceremony, honoring Robert Campbell, MPAff '73.

Source: Flickr