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Aging policy

Former Assistant Secretary for Aging Dr. Fernando Torres-Gil Discusses the New Political Reality of Immigration in an Aging Society Event
LBJ in the News
Forum: Immigration and elder care LBJ in the News
(Jon) Weizenbaum (MPAff '01) to Lead Department of Aging and Disability Services LBJ in the News
International Conference on Aging in the Americas to be Held Sept. 17-19 News
Jacqui Angel Wins Prestigious American Sociological Association Publication Award News
LBJ Publications
"Biobehavioral Aspects of Health and Aging Among People of Mexican Origin" LBJ Publications
"The New Realities of Aging: Social and Economic Contexts" LBJ Publications
"Immigration Status and Cognitive Functioning in Late Life: An Examination of Gender Variations in the Healthy Immigrant Effect" LBJ Publications
"Estimating the Demand for Long-Term Care Among Aging Mexican Americans: Cultural Preferences Versus Economic Realities" LBJ Publications
"Does the 'Healthy Immigrant Effect' Extend to Cognitive Aging?" LBJ Publications
"Sociology of Aging in the Decade Ahead" LBJ Publications
"Trends in the Sociology of Aging: Thirty Year Observations" LBJ Publications
"Hispanic Aging and Social Policy" LBJ Publications
"Aging, Inheritance and Gift Giving" LBJ Publications
"Public Investment in Health and Mortality of Elderly in the South of Brazil: A Regionalized Analysis " LBJ Publications
"Age at Migration and Mortality among the Older Mexican-Origin Population" LBJ Publications
Rev. of Migracion, redes transnacionales y envejecimiento Mexico, by Verónica Montes de Oca Zavala, Ahtziri Molina Roldán and Rosaura Ávalos Pérez LBJ Publications
"Subjective Control and Health Among Mexican-Origin Elders in Mexico and the United States: Structural Considerations in Comparative Research" LBJ Publications
"Mexican American Women Aging With Childhood-Onset Paralytic Polio" LBJ Publications
"A Comparison of the Health of Older Hispanics in U.S. and Mexico: Methodological Challenges" LBJ Publications
"Immigration Effects on Health Care for Older People" LBJ Publications
"Setting the Stage: Hispanic Health and Aging in the Americas" LBJ Publications
"The Economic Consequences of Widowhood for Older Minority Women" LBJ Publications
"A Case Study of the Elder Care Functions of a Chilean Non-Governmental Organization" LBJ Publications
"Diversity and Aging" LBJ Publications
"Religious Attendance and Cognitive Functioning among Older Mexican Americans" LBJ Publications
Minority Group Status and Healthful Aging: Social Structure Still Matters LBJ Publications
Aging, Health, and Longevity in the Mexican-Origin Population LBJ Publications
Handbook of Sociology of Aging LBJ Publications
The Health of Aging Hispanics: The Mexican-Origin Population LBJ Publications
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