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Healthcare and Health Policy

Olmstead, Todd Faculty
Richardson, Samuel Faculty
LBJ in the News
Fit City Success: Study links obesity with heat, humidity LBJ in the News
Local climate affects Americans' obesity risk LBJ in the News
Bad Weather May Dampen Will to Exercise LBJ in the News
TOO HOT TO TROT: Study finds higher obesity in hottest counties LBJ in the News
Study Ties Obesity to Temperature and Humidity LBJ in the News
Summer heat linked to obesity LBJ in the News
Study: Obesity rates high in hotter regions LBJ in the News
UT study finds obesity rates are higher in hotter parts of the U.S. LBJ in the News
UT Study Shows Link Between Climate and Obesity LBJ in the News
Can the Weather Make You Fat? LBJ in the News
Study: Hottest and Coldest US Places Also the Fattest LBJ in the News
Too hot to exercise? New research links obesity to temperature and humidity LBJ in the News
UT Study Blames Obesity on Hot Temps LBJ in the News
Failing at exercise? Just blame Texas weather LBJ in the News
Despite Increased Enrollment, Online Spanish Sign-Up Faces Challenges LBJ in the News
Why isn’t health care employment slowing? LBJ in the News
Health spending is slowing. Jobs are rising. What gives? LBJ in the News
Health Reform 101 LBJ in the News
How Might Immigration Reform Affect Implementation of the Affordable Care Act? LBJ in the News
(Jon) Weizenbaum (MPAff '01) to Lead Department of Aging and Disability Services LBJ in the News
In-Depth Analysis of Affordable Care Act Implementation in Texas Released by LBJ School News
Too Hot to Exercise? New Research Links Obesity to Temperature and Humidity News
Sam Richardson to Receive Hogg Foundation Grant to Study Mental Health News
LBJ School Researchers Investigate Implementation of Affordable Care Act in Texas News
Student Researchers Release 2013 Legislative Preview Covering Major Topics of the 83rd Texas State Legislature News
LBJ Publications
The Adoption and Diffusion of Evidence-based Addiction Medications in Substance Abuse Treatment LBJ Publications
"A Simplified Equation for Adult BMI Growth, and Its Use to Adjust BMI for Age" LBJ Publications
"The Logic of Governance in Health Care Delivery: An Analysis of the Empirical Literature" LBJ Publications
The adoption and diffusion of evidence-based addiction medications in substance abuse treatment LBJ Publications
Texas Mental Health Transformation: Innovation & Diffusion of Texas Senate Bill 839 LBJ Publications
Texas Mental Health Transformation: Consumer-Driven Services and Participation in Texas LBJ Publications
Texas Mental Health Transformation: Community Collaborative Baseline Evaluation LBJ Publications
Texas Mental Health Transformation: Organizational Evaluation LBJ Publications
"Extending Medicare to Mexico: Impact on Mexican Born Beneficiaries" LBJ Publications
"Access to Health Services for Immigrants in the USA: From the Great Society to the 2010 Health Reform Act and After" LBJ Publications
Impact of the Patient Protection Act on Various Populations Groups in Texas LBJ Publications
US-Mexico Mode 2 Imports and Exports of Health Services LBJ Publications
Trends and Drivers of Trade in Health Services, Mode 2, WHO Centre for Health Development and WHO Department of Ethics, Equity, and Trade and Human Rights LBJ Publications
The Evolution of Medicare and Medicaid and the Challenges Ahead LBJ Publications
Medicare in Mexico: Innovating for Fairness and Cost Savings LBJ Publications
"Cross Border Health Insurance and Aging Mexicans and Mexican-Americans" LBJ Publications
Care That Pays for Itself: Community Initiatives to Reduce the Cost of Uncompensated Healthcare LBJ Publications
"Trade in Health Services Under the Four Modes of Supply: Review of Current Trends and Policy Issues" LBJ Publications
The Eyes of Me LBJ Publications
"Cash and Counseling: A Model for Self-Directed Care Programs to Empower Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses" LBJ Publications
"Role of State Policies in the Adoption of Naltrexone for Substance Abuse Treatment" LBJ Publications
"A Methodology for Estimating Health Benefits of Electricity Generation Using Renewable Technologies" LBJ Publications
"Biobehavioral Aspects of Health and Aging Among People of Mexican Origin" LBJ Publications
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