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Austin – Fall/Spring Semesters

During their first year in Austin, students will enroll in the regular first-year curriculum in the MPAff or MGPS programs, receiving a rigorous analytical and theoretical foundation in public policy with some special programs to provide DC-bound students with additional background on policy making at the federal level.

The Master of Public Affairs

The MPAff program is designed to prepare leaders with the knowledge and skills to address critical public policy challenges in city, state, and federal government agencies, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Drawing upon our world-renowned, multidisciplinary faculty, a global network of alumni, and the resources of The University of Texas, our graduates are uniquely qualified to shape public policy in the 21st century. More…

The Master of Global Policy Studies

The MGPS program is distinct from traditional international affairs programs in its emphasis on multidisciplinary coursework and applied learning. As an MGPS student, you will be equipped with the critical analytical skills and communications tools to become a leading policymaker with a global perspective.  More…

Washington, DC – Summer/Fall Semesters

Students attend courses in Washington, DC during the first summer and second fall semester with graduation expected in December.

Ten credit hours will be taken during the summer, to include:

  • One 3-credit professional internship
  • Two 3-credit courses on the foundations of federal policymaking
  • One 1-credit policy simulation course

Ten credit hours will be taken during the final semester (fall), to include:

  • One 3-credit professional internship
  • Two 3-credit courses on the foundations of federal policy making
  • One 1-credit policy portfolio course

Download course descriptions for the Washington Center program

Download a sample course schedule

*Please note that the course schedule and curriculum are subject to change.