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Adapting CGI Scripts

These are solutions for the most common problems with CGI scripts that were not written specifically for the ITS Web servers.
  • Make sure the first line of a CGI script written in Perl is


  • If the author of the script recommended an ACTION attribute for the <FORM> tag, make sure you have the appropriate URL for using cgiwrap.

  • When the script author tells you to include the path to a file (logfile, guestbook file, etc) make sure that you have the correct path to the desired location.

    If you are unsure what the path to your file is, and the script does not seem to be working, logon to the computer where the script is located, change to the directory where the file should be located, type pwd and copy the server's response to the Perl script, and follow it by the name of the file.

    For example, the user "twmaint" wishes to store a guestbook file called "guestbook" in the public_html directory on UTS, the user should logon to UTS, type cd $HOME then type pwd. The server will return /export/home/uts/cz/czdv/twmaint/public_html. The path to the guestbook file is /export/home/uts/cz/czdv/twmaint/public_html/guestbook.


  Updated 2006 August 14
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