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CGI Scripts

CGI scripts are used to process Web forms, create dynamic Web pages, and perform a variety of Web related tasks. The instructions on these pages focus on CGI scripts that process Web forms.

CGI scripts are written in programming languages. The language used depends on the kind of computer running the Web server, the preference of the CGI programmer, and the purpose of the script. Most TeamWeb scripts are written in Perl for use on the ITS Unix Web servers.

NOTE: Some of these pages are designed for the advanced HTML publisher. While they do not assume any programming ability, if you are not comfortable with simple Unix commands and writing HTML code, we recommend you review Basic UNIX and HTML Basics before learning to use CGI scripts.

For the intermediate Web publisher:

TeamWeb provides the following CGI script that can be used with ease by intermediate Web publishers.

  • Comments Form - this script uses a configuration file to e-mail information from a Web form to an e-mail address you specify, and returns any Web page you specify to the user's Web browser

For the advanced Web publisher:

  • cgiwrap - this script runs on the ITS Unix Web servers, and allows users to run CGI scripts from their personal publishing directories

  • tutorial - write your own script. This section presents a brief tutorial on writing CGI scripts in Perl to help you get started.

More CGI Information

If you could not find a script to meet your needs at this site, or you would like more detailed information about CGI scripting, TeamWeb teaches a class on CGI scripts and has compiled a list of other CGI sites that may provide the information you need.

Since scripts from other sites were not created by TeamWeb, they may need modifications to work on ITS Web servers. We have compiled some helpful hints to make the scripts work on UT servers.


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