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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Since its launch back in 1997 Macromedia (RIP - now merged with Adobe), Dreamweaver has become one of the leading tools of choice for web designers and developers, commanding over 90% of the professional market. The program originally made its name by providing visual WYSIWYG page design, then consolidated it by adding rock-solid HTML hand coding and strong standards compliant CSS and XML.

Dreamweaver CS3 now includes Spry elements such as pre-canned pieces of code for fading and growing elements. Spry provides Ajax functionality that allows designers to build pages that provide a richer experience for their users. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 addresses CSS support in several ways. One is the CSS Advisor which helps to identify common CSS issues and bugs. Be sure to check out the other standards-based CSS tools supported in Dreamweaver CS3 here. Worth a mention is Photoshop integration. You can now copy from Photoshop, make a selection or a layer, whatever you have in the Clipboard, and paste it into Dreamweaver. It'll prompt you for a Save File dialog, an image optimization dialog, and then it will drop it right on your page, make the correct paths, and also maintain that link to the original PSD.

However you want to produce your web site, Dreamweaver is designed to help.

This tutorial is designed to provide an introduction to some of the basics of the Dreamweaver CS3. Only a very small sampling of what you can do with Dreamweaver CS3 will be covered in these pages. To delve further into this application, we suggest you visit Adobe for a thorough look at Dreamweaver CS3.

If you would like to purchase Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, UT Austin affiliates can obtain it from the Campus Computer Store and it is available to everyone from Adobe or from any major computer software store. Adobe also has free trial versions available for download from their site.

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