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Making Buttons in Flash

One of the most powerful features of Flash MX is the interactivity you can build into your Web site. The button symbol is something you'll use often. Buttons can be as simple or as complex as you want. Buttons can contain movies and actions inside.

Buttons are actually interactive movies consisting of four frames. The first three frames define three states of the button, while the fourth frame defines the hit area, or the area that is "hot." The four frames are:

1. Up -- what button looks like in inactive state, when the pointer is not over the button;
2. Over -- what the button looks like when the pointer is over it;
3. Down -- what the button looks like when the mouse is clicked on it; and
4. Hit -- the area that is "hot" that will trigger the button states.

Exercise to build a simple button:

Exercise to create a button to perform an action:

One of the most common button actions is to call up a different URL. We'll put this action on the button we just made and placed on the stage.

Exercise to create a fancier button:

Let's make this even more fun.

Putting the movie into the button

Congratulations, you have made a button with a movie in it!


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