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Web Forms

Fill-out forms or web forms are used to gather information from users. The appearance of the form is controlled by HTML and CSS, and the information gathered by the form is handled with a CGI script.

NOTE: These pages are designed for the intermediate HTML publisher. If you are not comfortable with writing HTML code, we recommend you review Learning HTML before learning to write web forms.

The HTML form is what the user sees while looking at the web page, it is created using the FORM tag, and may contain any of the following elements:

  • Menus
    • Pull-down Menus
    • Scrolling Menus
  • Action Buttons
    • Image Buttons
    • Reset Buttons
    • Submit Buttons
  • Labels
  • Fieldsets
  • Legends

The examples on these pages are designed to show an example of the HTML element and the HTML code which created the element.

For examples of web forms in use at UT, look at the Web Central Maintenance Forms. Use the View -> Source feature in your browser to examine the HTML source for these pages.

This brief summary contains a list of the tags used to create forms and the attributes each tag supports.

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