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You have a 40 page report with a Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Appendices, the works. You have been asked to publish the report on the Web. How should you accomplish this task? There are a variety of options, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, including:

  • Creating an Adobe Acrobat PDF file
  • Using Microsoft Word's built-in Save As Web page feature
  • Breaking the report into sections and using links to improve web navigation
  • Creating links to external resources to add value to the report
  • Uploading the Word document "as is" and letting people download the .doc file

These pages outline several possibilities for putting the report on the Web in a reasonable manner.

This is not a tutorial on creating Web pages or uploading documents. The examples discussed here assume that you already know how to create pages, add links, and upload Web pages to servers. If you are unfamiliar with these skills, see TeamWeb's Learning to Publish section for information about creating Web pages and uploading files to a Web server.


  Updated 2006 August 22
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