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Faculty Course Publishing

Follow these steps to publish course materials on Web Central:

  1. Get an ITS user number

    Get one account with at least one user number validated for UTS. Get a separate user number for each person who will be publishing. Get all user numbers validated for UTS.

    If you need help to open an account, add user numbers to an existing account, or get existing user numbers validated for UTS, talk to your Technical Support Coordinator or call the ITS accounting office at 475-9210.

  2. Log in to UTS at least once using an SSH client program

    All publishers must login to UTS (host at least once to change their login name. Names must be 8 or fewer characters. Change your login name to your last name or a variation of it. For example, smith is a good login name. The name you pick is important, because you will sign all Web pages:

  3. Request a publishing directory (requires UT EID)

    Faculty have a special area for publishing course materials. That area is on UTS.

    The link at left leads to a form to request a publishing directory in You should receive confirmation within a day. You will own and manage your new directory.

  4. Read the publishing guidelines

    Please read all publishing guidelines. While these are guidelines and not requirements, we recommend that you be familiar with them.

  5. Learn basic HTML

  6. Learn basic UNIX

    You should know how to create, delete, and move files and directories. If you use Fetch, you can perform many of these tasks with it.

  7. Learn to manage files and directories

    You will be publishing from Web Central, a UNIX machine. Learn the tips and techniques for managing your files and directories.

  8. Put your files in your publishing directory

    Put all the files that you want to publish in your new publishing directory or in subdirectories that you create. If you create your HTML files on a Mac or PC, use Fetch or WS_FTP to transfer them from your microcomputer to your publishing directory. See instructions for uploading.

    You can submit course entries by going to the World Lecture Hall.

There are many sources of assistance for faculty publishing course materials, including:


  Updated 2011 May 31
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