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Personal Publishing

Students, faculty, and staff have 2 options for publishing personal web pages:

  • Webspace


  • ITS Servers
Information about both options is listed below.


Webspace is a file storage system provided by Information Technology Services (ITS) to students, faculty and staff at no additional cost. The system provides 1000 megabytes of disk space that allows you to store copies of important documents (e.g. homework, notes, papers, theses, dissertations, graphics). In addition to storing private files, you may also use this space to publish a personal home page.

ITS Servers

  1. Get an ITS user number

    You will need a ITS computer account validated for UTS or AMS. To open an account, or to get an existing one validated for one of these machines, go to the ITS Help Desk in FAC. Bring your UT ID. For more information, call the ITS Help Desk at 475-9400.

  2. Note: Individuals can publish from several ITS computers, including:

    Staff at the Help Desk in FAC can help you choose a system.

  3. Log in to UTS at least once using SSH

    Using SSH, log into the system you have chosen. You can change your login name at that time. Names must be 8 or fewer characters.

  4. Learn basic system commands

    UNIX users: Learn some basic UNIX commands.
    AMS users: see Window Services: Web Publishing for instructions.

  5. Create your publishing directory

    UNIX users: In your login directory, create a new directory called public_html. To do so, type:

    mkdir     public_html

    You will own and manage this directory. Put the files that you want to publish in this directory or in subdirectories that you create. Also, you must make your login directory and public_html directory world executable, and you must make your public_html directory group and world readable by typing these commands:

    chmod   o+x   $HOME
    chmod   o+x   $HOME/public_html
    chmod   go+r   $HOME/public_html

    Finally, all files that you put in public_html must be group and world readable. To make them so, type this command in your home directory:

    chmod   go+r   public_html/*

    When you later add new files, reissue the command above.

  6. Learn basic HTML

  7. Put your files in your publishing directory

    UNIX users: Create an index.html file. Put this file in your public_html directory. Use the index.html file to organize your home page, creating links to the other files in your directory.

    If you create your HTML files on a Mac or PC, use Fetch or WS_FTP to transfer them from your microcomputer to your publishing directory. See instructions for uploading.

    The server will automatically point to your index.html file, serve the files you refer to there, and add you to the Personal Pages. You can announce the URL (address) of your directory to friends and colleagues. Your URL will be as shown below, depending on which machine you publish from. The loginname will be the name you type when you log in.

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