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Use this form to register your RSS channel. Registered channels will be stored as RSS files and HTML tables in a central location, and added to the centralized list of channels.

Registering Your Campus RSS Channel

Before you create your own channel, check the listing of channels to see if you can contribute your content to an existing channel rather than creating a new one. For example, the Sociology Department could contribute to the Liberal Arts channel rather than creating their own separate channel.

Providers should commit to updating their channels at least once a month. This does not mean that you have to write a new story or create a new page every week to include in your RSS file. It simply means that once a month there should be some change in the headlines and links. Many of you will not have news every month. You can use this RSS file to include news stories or events when you have them or to spotlight other pages in your site.


  Updated 2004 October 19
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