... month or fraction of a month of an active appointment in a classified or A&P title. Eligible service is computed through May 31 of the award year. Leave without pay status is not included in eligible service. Military leave with pay status is included to determine eligible service. D. Criteria Service ... 03/29/12, 9157 bytes
HOP - 9 Personnel - Classified - 9.73. Beginning and Ending Dates of Appointments; Recovery of Unearned Leave Time***
... Memoranda Glossary of Definitions CHAPTER 9 - PERSONNEL - CLASSIFIED Sec. 9.73. Beginning and Ending Dates of Appointments; Recovery of Unearned Leave Time The effective date for the appointment of new personnel shall normally be the first day of work performed. However, employees will be appointed ... 03/29/12, 10764 bytes
HOP - 3 Faculty and Academics - 3.18. Faculty Grievance Procedure***
... shall recommend appropriate remedies. 6. These procedures in no way alter the right of the President to place a faculty member on administrative leave with pay when the President has determined that it is in the best interest of the University. Such cases do not constitute disciplinary action. The President ... 03/29/12, 44717 bytes
HOP - 9 Personnel - Classified - 9.97. Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy for Positions Requiring Commercial Drivers' Licenses***
... notice of the requirement for urine testing in accordance with this policy, engaging in conduct that clearly obstructs the testing process, and/or leaving the scene of an on-the-job accident. VII. Positive Test Employees with positive tests will be removed immediately from safety-sensitive functions ... 03/29/12, 24083 bytes
HOP - 10 Fire Code - Chapter 4. General Regulations Regarding Fire Prevention***
... applied over the original building interior finish for decorative, accoustical or other effect, and also cloth, cotton batting, straw, vines, leaves, trees and moss used for decorative effect, but it shall not include floor coverings, ordinary window shades nor materials one-fortieth of an inch or less ... 03/29/12, 16102 bytes
Revised HOP - 2 Campus Services - 2.A.1 EMERGENCY CLOSURE NOTIFICATION***
... in Austin. E. Attendance Requirements If the University is declared officially closed, all non-essential employees will be granted administrative leave for the hours they were scheduled to work. Hourly employees and student employees are excluded from this provision. All employees who are required to ... 03/29/12, 10793 bytes
HOP - 9 Personnel - Classified - 9.41. Dual Employment With The State***
... The State The University of Texas employees who are concurrently employed by the State of Texas are subject to the following provisions: 1. Separate leave records will be maintained for each employment. 2. Time worked in one position may not be used as additional service for longevity or vacation purposes ... 03/29/12, 7877 bytes
HOP - 2 Administration - 8. Budget Councils***
... of debate on the proposal or proposals, votes on them shall be taken by mail ballot sent to all voting members of the department, including those on leave. A modification shall take effect if approved by a majority vote of the members and by the dean and the President. 4. A dean may determine that operation ... 03/29/12, 12165 bytes
HOP - 9 Personnel - Classified - 9.76. Continuous Employment***
... from military service. 3. Transfer of employee, without loss of payroll time, within The University of Texas System or from another State agency. 4. Leave without pay. 5. A weekend or a holiday. The following conditions will constitute a break in employment: 1. Termination followed by a loss of payroll ... 03/29/12, 8828 bytes
... work carried by the faculty member (student), adjustments in salary may be made as deemed appropriate by the President. Any paid faculty development leave for such a purpose may be paid from faculty salaries as permitted under legislative appropriations or from non-State funds. 5. In view of the need ... 03/29/12, 7899 bytes