The Longhorn Aquatics Diving program offers quality instruction in Olympic-style diving for ages six and up at all skill levels. Our members range from beginners to National and Olympic caliber divers. All diving groups have access to two overhead spotting stations, a bubble machine (sparging system), dry diving board, and two trampolines.

Entry into any of the diving programs described below requires an onsite try-out and an invitation from the head diving coach. Age Requirement is 6 years or older.

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Future Longhorns

  • The Future Longhorns group is for the team’s newest divers. In a fun and safe atmosphere, these divers learn the fundamental skills of the sport of diving while developing a comfort and familiarity with the springboards and platforms. They attend two to four practices per week and incorporate light stretching and dry land activities into their training. Once members attain the minimum dive requirements, they will attend some AAU and US Diving meets. The primary goal of this group is to develop greater physical fitness and coordination while fostering an interest in and enjoyment of the sport of diving. Members will progress toward upper-level groups.Divers can choose between the FL2, FL3, or FL4 groups. The FL2 group practices twice a week, the FL3 workout is three times per week, and FL4 practices four times per week. Classes are 1.5 hours long and will include a combination of dry land and water workouts.NOTE: Members will select the time and number of classes they wish to attend as part of the registration process. The coaching staff will follow-up to confirm availability based on class size. If a particular class is full, members will need to pick a different class to commit to.

     Intermediate Longhorns

  • This group is for divers that are interested in advancing their skills from Future Longhorn to the JO (Junior Olympic) level. Although they already have the minimum requirements to compete at either the Novice or Junior Olympic level, these divers are working toward learning more difficult optional dives in all directions. Members attend some meets during the year and will be expected to attend at least regional meets. They strive to achieve a greater consistency in the execution of their dives, both in practice and during competition, and they incorporate assigned improvement techniques into their activities away from the pool. Intermediate Longhorns practice 3 days per week. The divers also possess the desire and ability to complete any conditioning and dryboard/trampoline sets assigned during practice. This group is expected to train for both the US Diving championship meets and AAU Nationals (as appropriate).

    Elite Longhorn and Podium Longhorn 

  • These are the most elite groups in Longhorn Aquatics. Athletes on the National Team (Podium Longhorn) have achieved strong results at US Diving National Championship competitions and have demonstrated the technical proficiency necessary to sustain their superior success for the next several years. Elite Longhorns are the athletes not qualified for USA Diving National level meets, but are at the same high level of skill as the Podium Longhorn members. They are committed to attending all meets on the competition schedule, including travelling to meets around the nation in preparation for US Diving Regional, Zone, and National championship events. These divers have the ability and desire to compete at the NCAA Division I level. In addition to attending all team practices, members make an effort to improve their diving when not at the pool by incorporating stretching, weight training, mental preparation, and general fitness augmentation strategies into their daily routines. Moreover, they are leaders of the team and act at all times with the decorum becoming of a member of Longhorn Aquatics and compel others to do the same.

    Talent ID

    Coach’s selection athletes who are excelling in practice and are seen to have high potential. Additional practices and workouts will be available for these athletes for a $25.00 per month fee.

Join Diving Checklist

*Try-outs can be scheduled with Jim Zagaria

*All divers must  Register with AAU before attending first practice (AAU Club Code from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2016 is WW689Y). A copy of the Amateur Athletic Union membership card must be submitted with all diving registration forms.