Coach: Scott Gainey

Entrance Criteria: Ideally four legal strokes, must have three stroke that are legal.
Must be able to swim 25 meters with three legal stokes.

This group is comprised up of  80% instruction, 10% training, and 10% fun. Swimmers will be guided through continual improvement of basic strokes.
* Body position
* Stack and lock streamline
* Properly kick all four strokes
* Properly swim all four strokes
* Starts and Turns
* Breathing pattern for free and fly introduced: fly – every other, Free – every three. Once they are taught a specific skill they should always perform it correctly.

Swimmers will also work towards participation in developmental swim meets that cater to the beginners. Meets are mostly in the Austin area.

Competitive Swimming Education:
* Team cheers
* TXLA Heroes
* Basic definition of a goal
* Determine weekly practice goals

Exit Criteria:

* Streamline off every wall. Be able to push off back, side, and stomach.
* Has knowledge and can execute at least three core drills pertaining to each stroke.
* Can comfortably execute turns.
* Has four legal strokes maintaining proper body position.
* Has a legal 100 IM.
* Has basic knowledge of pace clock skills.
* Can complete 8 x 50 freestyle kick under 1:20 on a 1:50 interval.
* Has good practice habits.
* Understands the rules of swimming.
* Legal starts and finishes.
* Can dive off a starting block.
* Knows how to do a legal relay start.
* Understands and can display good sportmanship.



Coach: Scott Gainey

Entrance Criteria:

* “BB” Times in three events or close in their age group classification. (can make within the season)
* Can train at the slowest intervals listed for Silver.
* Successfully swim a set of 1200 -1500 meters in length holding proper streamlines, stroke technique, and breathing patterns and be able to get set appropriate rest.

Practice Structure:

Yardage is moderate intensity and technique oriented, interval training is introduced, and kicking is emphasized. The amount of yardage and intervals is secondary to technique and following directions. Stress good workout habits.

Practice Guidelines: 40% Instruction & Technique, 60% Training.
* Strong work ethic in Med-Ball dryland.
* Trains in all four strokes, must be able to swim 100 meters of each stroke.
* Reads pace clock and can read times on repeats.
* Can hold varying breath patterns (3-5-7).
* Is able to do 4 x 25 under water streamline with fins without a breath. (interval is quite liberal)
* Holds body line of the wall on all four strokes.
* Swims comfortably with a snorkel.
* Race strategies are introduced and practiced.
* Kick sets are typically stroke specific and not choice.
* Swim set minimums: 8 x 100 Free > 1:40, 8 x 100 IM > 1:50. 200 Free and 200 IM should be staple events to train.
Sets should not exceed 2400 meters in duration.

Competition: South Texas “A” Championships

Competitive Swimming Education:
* Goals, start to understand the importance of the process of goal setting, not just focusing on outcomes.
* Swimmers have two goal setting meetings with coach and coach sets swimmers three “uppermost” goals.
* Swimmers visit with the coach before and after a race to discuss the outcome. Swimmers should be able to tell coach how they will approach the race.

Exit Criteria: Swimmers become eligible for advancement to the Gold class through a strong work ethic.

* Commitment to 7 – 9 workouts per week and demonstrated dedication to dryland program.
* Can train within the minimum intervals of the Gold Group.



Coach: Scott Gainey

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*Try-outs can be scheduled with Scott Gainey

**All TXLA swimming members MUST be registered with USAS. A copy of the USA Swimming member card, or USAS registration form, will be required with all TXLA membership registration forms.