Pflugerville Gilliland Creek Pool Information

COACH: Lara Ruthven

Assistant Coach: Daniel Alvarez


Skill Requirement: ability to swim 50 yards freestyle and backstroke, with some ability to swim butterfly and breaststroke. Coach’s discretion at tryouts.

Practice: 3 days a week, 60 minutes in the water

Skill development:

  • Develop proper technique for all four competitive strokes
  • Develop racing starts and turns for all four strokes.
  • Develop knowledge of reading the pace clock and understanding swimming sets.
  • Improve endurance and ability to complete a structured workout.
  • Introduction to low key competition



Skill Requirement: ability to train in all four strokes, must be able to swim a 200 IM

Practice: 5 days a week, 75-90 minutes in the water, dryland training 2-3 days a week.

Skill development:

  • Develop proficient technique in all four strokes
  • Develop endurance, speed and power during training sessions
  • Develop racing skills and strategies to prepare for age-group competitions
  • Develop goal setting skills that are focused on a process
  • Monthly Evaluation with Coach to determine progress toward goals



Skill Requirement: proficiency in all four strokes, 11-12 TAGS standards and /or 13-14 A-time standards.

Practice: 6 days a week, 120 minutes in the water, dryland training 3 days a week

Skill development:

  • Aiming to achieve the highest local, state or national level competitions
  • Continue to build endurance, speed and power through stroke mechanics and dryland training.
  • Continue to develop race strategy execution. Pre and Post Competition Analysis
  • Continue to develop goal setting skills with meaningful action steps to achieve goals
  • Monthly Evaluation with Coach to determine progress toward goals
  • Develop mental skills for competition and focused training
  • Travel will most likely become a component in planning each competition season

***The number of practices and times are subject to change due to weather, pool maintenance, and events for all groups.


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*Try-outs can be scheduled with Lara Ruthven

**All TXLA swimming members MUST be registered with USAS. A copy of the USA Swimming member card, or USAS registration form, will be required with all TXLA membership registration forms.