Water Polo

Texas Longhorn Aquatics water polo is one of the premier youth clubs in the state of Texas, and one of a kind in Austin. Founded in 2012, the program has always valued sportsmanship and teamwork above all else in their pursuit of aquatic excellence, but enjoying practices and games with teammates comes in at a close second. The small but dedicated crew of athletes is always looking for new members to join in on the fun.

For more information on how to join our team, please contact: Coach: Tom Andrew

 2014 Fall Season Begins September 1st


  1. Bronze
    Designed for athletes that are concurrently members of other water polo programs (club or high school) and looking for additional training and conditioning. Athletes are eligible for Sunday scrimmages only.

  2. Silver
    All-purpose program for beginning to experienced water polo players looking to improve in all facets of the sport. Athletes are eligible for Sunday scrimmages and USA Water Polo tournaments.

  3. Gold
    Designed for athletes planning on competing at the Junior Olympics tournament held at the end of July each year. Gold members will focus on more advanced and team oriented skills in preparation for the end of season tournament. In addition to regular practices, athletes are eligible for Sunday scrimmages and USA Water Polo tournaments. Participants Junior Olympic entry fees are paid by Longhorn Aquatics.

  4. Masters
    Training group open to athletes 18 years of age or older, beginning to experienced athletes welcome!  A versatile practice that involves basic technique work, team concepts and scrimmages, the masters group is beneficial to both first timers looking to learn the sport as well as veterans that need time and pool space to work on the most detailed parts of their game.  The focus of the program is to place members in the center of the Austin area water polo scene; practices will often include members of Centex, the UT men’s and women’s water polo clubs, and the Austin masters. Practice times are Monday-Thursday, 8pm-9:30pm.


Join Water Polo Checklist

*All participants MUST be currently registered members of USA Water Polo. You will need to submit a copy of your USA Water Polo card with your registration.

*Training Fee – $200 for the full Summer Season. (Additional fees during the season may include tournament entry fees, league fees, and coaches travel. You will be notified if these fees are assessed.)