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Areas of Study

The Neuroscience Program is multidisciplinary with more than 68 participating faculty from 12 departments. The research programs encompass the entire spectrum of neuroscience so that any student can find a research program to match his or her particular interest. The variety of research areas is listed below. Click on any research area to find out which members of the Institute for Neuroscience work in that area and what projects they are working on.

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Molecular Biology of Neuronal Development

Biophysics and Molecular Biology of Ion Channels

Neuroendocrine Control and Evolution of Behavior

Neural Plasticity and Regeneration Following Injury

Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Other Diseases of the Nervous System

Mechanisms of Synaptic Transmission

Learning and Memory

Neural Computation

Motor Control

Mechanisms and Genetics of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Processing of Sensory Information