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Mechanisms and Genetics of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

All faculty listed below are members of the Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research

Atkinson, Nigel

Associate Professor of Neurobiology

How ion channel gene expression is regulated in Drosophila to produce cells with differing electrical properties

Duvauchelle, Christine

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Neural mechanisms of the rewarding effects of drugs

Gonzales, Rueben

Professor of Pharmacology

The neurochemical basis for ethanol drinking behavior

Harris, Adron

M. June and J. Vergil Waggoner Chair in Molecular Biology, Professor of Neurobiology and Pharmacology, and Director, Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research

The molecular actions of alcohol and related drugs on brain signaling systems and the molecular basis of genetic differences in alcohol susceptibility

Mihic, John

Associate Professor of Neurobiology and M. June and J. Virgil Waggoner Fellow

Molecular sites of action of drugs of abuse on ligand gated ion channels

Morikawa, Hitoshi

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Neurophysiology of the brain reward circuit and drug addiction

Morrisett, Richard

Professor of Pharmacology and Neurobiology

The role of amino-acid derived neurotransmitter systems and synaptic transmission during the induction and expression of alcohol-related disorders

Pierce-Shimomura, Jon

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Genetic mechanisms of behavior and neuronal function in C. elegans