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Motor Control

Abraham, Larry

Professor of Kinesiology

Interaction of physiological and biodynamic factors affecting the coordination of human movement

Griffin, Lisa

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Health Education

Single Motor Unit Firing Patterns During Fatigue and Training

Huk, Alex

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Neural mechanisms underlying perceptual decision-making: Neurophysiology and functional imaging

Jensen, Jody

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

The development of movement skills and changes in movement competence from infancy through older adulthood

Mauk, Michael

Professor of Neurobiology

Neural circuits engaged during eyelid conditioning

Morgan, Jennifer

Assistant Professor of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

Neuronal and synaptic actin remodeling during spinal cord regeneration

Pierce-Shimomura, Jon

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Genetic mechanisms of behavior and neuronal function in C. elegans

Schallert, Timothy

Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology and Neurobiology

Recovery of function after stroke, tumor and other types of brain injury, as well as the neural plasticity and degenerative events associated with Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury

Seidemann, Eyal

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Computational models of the link between single neurons, neural populations and behavior

Sussman, Harvey

R.P. Doherty Sr. Centennial Professor of Communication (Department of Linguistics)

Description and theoretical explanation for the production and perception of speech sounds