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Parkinson's Alzheimer's and Other Diseases of the Nervous System

Abell, Creed

Burlage Centennial Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Molecular studies of neurotransmitter-metabolizing enzymes and neuronal receptors and the. design of drugs that are useful for treating Parkinson's Disease and depression

Gonzalez-Lima, Francisco

George I. Sanchez Centennial Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience

Departments of Psychology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Brain systems mediating learning and memory in health and Alzheimer's disease

Jones, Theresa

Associate Professor of Psychology

Plasticity of neural structure, synaptic connectivity and glial-neuronal interactions in adult animals following brain damage and during learning

Schallert, Timothy

Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology and Neurobiology

Recovery of function after stroke, tumor and other types of brain injury, as well as the neural plasticity and degenerative events associated with Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury