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Mechanisms of Synaptic Transmission

Bittner, George

Professor of Neurobiology

Cellular/molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity during nerve regeneration or nerve activity

Bajaj, Chandrajit

Professor of Computer Science

Computational modeling, simulation, analysis, and visualization of natural and synthetic phenomena

Harris, Kristen

Professor of Neurobiology

Elucidate the structural components involved in the cell biology of learning and memory

Golding, Nace

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Biophysics of information processing in dendrites

Koester, Helmut

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Contribution of nonlinear dendritic processes to network information processing and to the information transformation within a cascade of networks.

Mauk, Michael

Professor of Neurobiology

Neural circuits engaged during eyelid conditioning

Morgan, Jennifer

Assistant Professor of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

Neuronal and synaptic actin remodeling during spinal cord regeneration

Morikawa, Hitoshi

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Neurophysiology of the brain reward circuit and drug addiction

Morrisett, Richard

Professor of Pharmacology and Neurobiology

The role of amino-acid derived neurotransmitter systems and synaptic transmission during the induction and expression of alcohol-related disorders

Poenie, Martin

Associate Professor of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

Signal transduction in activated T cells

Shear, Jason

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Design and implementation of optical strategies for investigating the chemistry of neurotransmission at the individual synapse