Longs Give $1 Million to Butler School of Music

July 21, 2009

AUSTIN, Texas — A $1 million gift from Austin community leaders and art philanthropists Teresa Lozano Long and Joe R. Long has created the Joe R. and Teresa Long Endowed Chair in Piano in the Butler School of Music in the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin.

"I am pleased to join Dean Doug Dempster in recognizing this wonderful gift from Joe and Teresa Long," said Steve Leslie, provost and executive vice president of the university. "With this gift, Joe and Teresa have once again demonstrated great vision in supporting the performing arts at the university. We are deeply grateful to the Longs for this gift and for all of their support."

This latest gift follows the Longs' $500,000 donation in March that created a piano scholarship endowment for the Butler School of Music. The Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Piano Scholarship will support some of the most talented students studying at the Butler School of Music.

"We hope to accomplish two things with both of these gifts," said Joe Long. "One is to always have a professor of piano of national and international stature who will attract very talented students, we hope among the best in the nation. Secondly, with the gift for scholarships for piano students, we hope to further this goal and enable an outstanding professor in piano to offer scholarships to the very best students they can find, which in the end will greatly enhance the reputation and standing of our School of Music."

The Longs are both graduates of the university. Joe Long received his law degree and Teresa received her doctor's degree in health and physical education from the university. The couple has provided considerable support and resources to other schools and colleges at the university including the School of Law, the College of Education and the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, in addition to their contributions to the College of Fine Arts.

"The Longs' recent gift in support of our piano faculty and students in the Butler School is one more exceedingly generous gift in a truly astonishing history of giving to education, the arts and the university," said Douglas Dempster, dean of the College of Fine Arts. "Joe and Terry have exemplified devoted, results-oriented philanthropy that sets an example for all of us who love Austin and the university. They've certainly inspired me to try harder and give more."

The holder of the Long Chair in Piano will be recommended by B. Glenn Chandler, director of the Butler School of Music, and approved by the Board of Regents. Once the Board of Regents approves the recommendation, the first recipient will be announced.

"We are very grateful that the Longs have provided an endowed chair in piano that will enhance the Butler School of Music forever and will further enable us to attract and retain excellent faculty," said Chandler.

The Longs have supported the visual and performing arts for many years, and their contributions have been instrumental to the development of the arts in Austin. Joe is president of the Austin Symphony Orchestra Society and Teresa is on the board of directors for Ballet Austin. Their dedication to the arts was the driving force behind the renovation of Palmer Auditorium, now the Long Center for the Performing Arts that houses the celebrated Dell Hall.

For more information, contact: Leslie Lyon, College of Fine Arts, 512 475 7033.

1 Comment to "Longs Give $1 Million to Butler School of Music"

1.  Alejandro Gutierrez Mena said on July 26, 2009

"For what are good tractors without violins" was the famous phrase of José Figueres F., three times president of Costa Rica, during his third period as president of the country.

He meant tractors in a context of the needs of a developing country where infrastructure is necessary for a country to take off.

With that thought in mind, the government of Costa Rica invested, during his third period as president of the country, lots of money buying musical instruments to start the Costa Rica Youth Symphony Program, a school of music that today is the National Institute of Music and reforming the National Symphony Orchestra.

He wanted children in Costa Rica to hold in their hands a musical instrument instead of a gun. This happened in a time when, with the exception of Costa Rica, most Central American countries where involved in civil wars and bad political situations.

He was the same person and president that in 1949 abolished the army in Costa Rica. This is why Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world without an army.

What a visionary man and president.

All this I just pointed out came to my mind when I read this news about the donation Teresa Lozano Long and Joe R. Long made to the Butler School of Music.

This couple, like José Figueres, are different people. They are special people moved by something spiritual. They have the conviction that music has the power to change people for good.

I'm coming from Costa Rica to start my doctor of musical arts degree in orchestra conducting this fall and even though I'm not a piano player, I feel so proud and happy about going to a school that, in addition to its great reputation and faculty, is surrounded and supported by so special of people like Mr. and Mrs. Long.

This news just stands out from the everyday news we get. This is news I will share and discuss with my family, especially my two children, to give them a prescription of faith and examples to follow.

Hope to have the opportunity to meet them during my period at The University of Texas at Austin.