Summer Enhancement Program Introduced at The University of Texas at Austin

April 5, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas — To serve University of Texas at Austin students better, the Provost's Office has introduced a Summer Enhancement Program that will expand and improve course offerings during the summer 2010 session.

The pilot program will offer financial incentives to the colleges and schools whose summer offerings attract additional students. Some units will offer courses that may be hard to get in the fall and spring semesters. Some will introduce new specialty courses. If successful, the program will continue in subsequent summers. The long-term goal is to make the summer more interesting and useful, so students will start to incorporate it in their educational plans, perhaps shortening time to degree. The availability of summer federal Pell grants will make it easier for eligible students to participate.

Information on course offerings under the enhancement program is available online. Here are some examples from the offerings of selected colleges/schools:

Architecture: Architecture and Society (ARC s308) with Laurence Speck, the W. L. Moody, Jr. Centennial Professor in Architecture.

Liberal Arts: For the first summer session, Creative Writing (E f325) with Professor Oscar Casares, acclaimed author of "Amigoland." Introduction to International Relations and Global Studies with Michael Anderson, lecturer in International Relations and Global Studies.

Natural Sciences: Humans and a Changing Ocean (MNS f309), with Professor Tracy Villareal, Department of Marine Science. Physical Chemistry Laboratory (CH f153K).

Social Work: Working with Youth Gangs (SW f360K) with Professor Michael Lauderdale, the Clara Pope Willoughby Centennial Professor in Criminal Justice.

"This pilot program is an important initiative for the university," said Provost Steven Leslie. "If successful, it will provide continuing educational resources for our students. At the same time, it will provide new funding to the colleges and schools to pursue excellence. In this way it will benefit the academic enterprise as a whole."

The Summer Enhancement Program is under the supervision of Vice Provost John Dollard.

"The recent establishment by the U.S. Congress of a well-funded program of summer Pell grants illustrates the growing national awareness of the value of summer enrollment," Dollard said. "By expanding and enhancing its summer offerings, UT will be at the forefront of a national trend."

Questions can be directed to

For more information, contact: John Dollard, Office of the Provost, 512-232-9205.

5 Comments to "Summer Enhancement Program Introduced at The University of Texas at Austin"

1.  Bridget Akunna said on April 6, 2010

These summer programs introduced are good as they will surely increase the amount of summer students this year!

2.  Chris Young said on April 12, 2010

Doesn't UT already have enough people on campus during the Summer sessions with all the Longhorn Summer Camp kids? I remember taking Summer classes in 2008, and there were times during each day where the campus was swarming with those kids. There's also the possibility of additional housing strains with the increase in Summer student enrollment combined with all the Summer camp kids.

I'm not saying the plan can't be done, but it'll be interesting to see how UT handles everything.

3.  k. ferdinand said on April 13, 2010

there should be some more informal programming classes offered in the summer to help students with stuff they will encounter in assignments

4.  Carmen Wayland said on April 16, 2010

I am interested in leraning more about the Creative Writing summer section E f325. Can you please send me the goals of the class and the times and dates available.

5.  Karen Taylor said on April 16, 2010

Are the summer enhancement programs available only for admitted UT students?