Campus Planning and Facilities Management Implements Budget, Staff Cuts

July 20, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas — Campus Planning and Facilities Management (CPFM) at The University of Texas at Austin has begun implementing plans to cut about $3.1 million from expenditures to contribute to the university's $14.6 million reduction in annual recurring expenditures.

Two CPFM departments, Facilities Services and Project Management and Construction Services (PMCS), announced today (July 20) elimination of 17 filled positions, effective Sept. 19, and 60 vacant positions. The other three units, Utilities and Energy Management (UEM), Technology Resources and Campus Planning departments, are each eliminating one vacant position.

Facilities Services is eliminating 16 filled positions in its Event and Moving Services, Solid Waste and Facilities Maintenance units based on workload and industry standards for staffing. PMCS is closing its cabinet shop, resulting in elimination of one filled position.

"We began the planning and review process necessary to implement budget reduction strategies several months ago," said Steve Kraal, senior associate vice president for CPFM. "We are also consolidating facilities management operations handled on both the Main Campus and Pickle Research Campus, and taking other steps to achieve savings in our daily operations. UEM is reducing overtime and funding for equipment upgrades and replacements. However, because labor is our largest cost, all of these and other cost-cutting measures carried out or planned for the coming months don't reduce our costs enough to avoid eliminating positions."

The university began last summer to address budgetary challenges. With little or no budget growth expected, departments are reducing expenditures and strategically re-allocating resources.

"As we look for additional opportunities to save costs, we will continue seeking the most efficient and effective ways to deliver our core services to the university community," Kraal said.

View the university's budget reduction plan (PDF) for 2010-11.

For more information, contact: Rhonda Weldon, Univ Op-Communications, 512-350-8913.

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3 Comments to "Campus Planning and Facilities Management Implements Budget, Staff Cuts"

1.  cathy augustsson said on July 22, 2010

I work for the Energy Management and Environmental dept herein SA for a school district and I know the costs of utilities as I input all the utility bills. The budget and challenges are great. We are the largest district here in town with 5 new schools opening this August.

2.  Ann Paterra said on July 30, 2010

Every morning I walk past the stadium to my job in the Art Department. Just before spring graduation, the median strips between the stadium and DFA were all dug up and replanted. Just this morning all the plants were cut back to the ground in, I am assuming, preparation for new planting. Why isn't some of the money spent on continual planting instead diverted to keeping some of the staff positions you are cutting? And why can't some of the St. Augustine and Bermuda grass planted on this campus be replaced with Buffalo grass that requires less watering?

3.  Connie Haham said on Aug. 2, 2010

The University of Texas could rethink its use of air conditioning all over campus. 80 degrees was Carter's recommendation when we were faced with an earlier oil crisis. Save money, save the planet, and keep employees whose skills will be missed.