University Celebrates International Education Week

Nov. 11, 2010

Event: The University of Texas at Austin is celebrating International Education Week with film nights, foreign language sessions, cultural workshops, travel seminars, music and dance performances, art exhibits, study abroad events and international trivia competitions.
When: Nov. 15-19
Where: Locations throughout campus

Background:Thirty-five cross-campus organizers have created more than 55 events for the university, which ranks among the top five United States universities in sending students abroad and in the top 10 for international student enrollment. International Education Week is part of the joint initiative of the U.S. Departments of State and Education to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

Highlights include:

Monday: "Studying the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa," "Women Traveling Solo" and a study abroad session welcoming students to learn about Latin America, Mesoamerica and Maya writing at Casa Herrera in Antigua, Guatemala
Tuesday: "Etiquette Around the World," "Wining, Dining and Storytelling: International Cuisine and Study Abroad Stories" and "An Evening of Filipino Culture"
Wednesday: "Getting by in France, Germany and Italy," "International Affairs Roundtable" and "Leadership Across Cultures"
Thursday: "Money Matters! Study Abroad Funding Session," "Unpacking Seminar: Translating Your Study Abroad Experience into Marketable Skills" and "World Trivia Night"
Friday: A roundtable discussion on environmental suffering in Latin America, a presentation on Spanish- or Maya-language immersion opportunities in Guatemala and a general study abroad information session

Some sessions may have limited seats available for the public. Contact event organizers for information about specific programs.

View a complete schedule of events online.

For more information, contact: Christian Clarke Casarez, director of international public affairs; Claudia Prieto, chair of the university's International Education Week committee, 512-471-8318

2 Comments to "University Celebrates International Education Week"

1.  Asiago said on Nov. 11, 2010

Monday, Nov 15 RSC 2.104
6 to 8pm
Students for Study Abroad
International Education Week Mixer

Come celebrate International Education week with some free food, guest speakers, live music, and with the mentor from Students for Study Abroad!

2.  Roman said on Nov. 14, 2010

Pity! I spent only two Novembers in Austin. The first one, I was still fresh in the campus. The second one I was in hospital.