Energy Financier T. Boone Pickens to Enliven Debate at The University of Texas at Austin, April 18

April 5, 2011

AUSTIN, Texas — Dallas-based investor and energy advocate T. Boone Pickens is coming to The University of Texas at Austin for what promises to be a lively discussion on leadership, his investment philosophy and viable energy solutions in the McCombs School of Business VIP Distinguished Speaker Series, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., April 18 at Hogg Auditorium. The event is open to the public.

Pickens introduced "The Pickens Plan" in July 2008, a proposal to reinvent U.S. energy resources by promoting oil alternatives such as natural gas, wind power and solar energy. He has publicly called for a comprehensive energy plan for America that incorporates alternative energy solutions, and President Barack Obama recently endorsed Pickens' proposal to convert heavy-duty trucks to run on natural gas.

The VIP speaker series is a student-run initiative drawing chief executive officers, entrepreneurs and other influential executive speakers to the university.

"Pickens is a popular speaker at colleges across America," says Eva Agoulnik of the Undergraduate Business Council. "He's a bold straight-talker, and he's right in the middle of energy and investment, which are hot topics these days among faculty and students. We're excited to welcome him to Austin."

For more information, contact: David Wenger, Red McCombs School of Business, 512 471 3314; Jay Rosser.

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1.  melvin goldstein said on Aug. 10, 2011

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Inside a warm damp cave, completely sealed off from the outside world, will life survive?

Answer: No life forms could flourish indefinitely.

In an isolated system, entropy always increases. Life tries to push entropy in the opposite direction. When life is created, entropy decreases in the cave but nature demands a greater entropy increase offset.

The cave, being sealed, would mean that entropy would reach its max, thus energy necessary to sustain and generate new life would be unavailable.

Maybe we should learn a lesson from this. Available energy is mandatory. Wealth may equate to available energy. If you want to live in a nation that is prospering, make sure that its available energy supply is abundant.