3 Comments to "Dell’s Largest Grant to The University of Texas at Austin, $5 Million, Will Expand RGK Center’s Student Social Entrepreneurs Program"

1.  Elvira Anzola, PhD said on May 24, 2011

I am planning to visit UT-Austin next jun/jul and really appreciate to know more about your social entrepreneurs programs. Also to explore common areas of research. I teach in the Masters Degree Programm of Social Responsibility, Universidad Anáhuac in México City. I really appreciate if you kindly suggest me an agenda to my visit. Thankyou

2.  lillian davis said on May 27, 2011

Just wanted to thank all who developed this project--glad to see UT with the support of Dell leading in the area of Social Entreprenuerism...A great legacy for the RGK family, as well.

3.  lillian davis said on May 27, 2011

Just want to thank Dell for supporting this great program. It honors all of us UT alums along with the Kozmetsky family.