2 Comments to "Texas Ranks Among Lowest in Nation for Political Participation and Civic Involvement"

1.  thomas said on June 4, 2013

I would love to deride the republicans of my state for legislation that rapes funding for education, social services and the environment but I am at a loss to say anything positive about the spineless democrats in this state. They've had more than enough time to energize the voters who are the true majority in Texas.

2.  Irma said on June 26, 2013

And we needed another study to discover this information. Come on, even Texans that don't vote know this information. I don't how many people have already done studies. Why not do something about the problem instead of continuing to study it!? It was probably headed by a democrat. I guess it was easier to get women the right to abort their babies then to get non voters to participate in the political process. That a Texan democrat for you. Democrats don't have anyone in any position that know how to engage non voters, if anything they would rather not deal with them that's why the same old ineffective leadership keeps getting elected. UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!