Live Super Bowl Ad Rating Panel Organized by UT Austin Moody College of Communication

Jan. 30, 2014

AUSTIN, Texas — During this Sunday's Super Bowl, advertising professors from The University of Texas at Austin Moody College of Communication will live tweet critiques of Super Bowl ads.

Professor Neal Burns (@berryboy316), Assistant Professor Angeline Close (@angelineclose), Assistant Professor Carlos Hernandez (@chm_utaustin), Associate Professor Michael Mackert (@mackert), Assistant Professor Kevin Thomas (@kevin_d_thomas), Professor Gary Wilcox (@garybwilcox) and lecturer Steve Wille (@swilleman) will share their thoughts under #SBAdJudge.

They will assess ads on qualities such as the presence of a strong emotional hook, relevance to the brand's position, the likelihood that a viewer would ask friends to view the ad and the likelihood that a viewer would want to see the ad again.

The faculty members will meet virtually through 3D ICC's Immersive Terf platform to watch the Super Bowl. Now based in San Francisco, Burns uses the Terf platform to teach his Advanced Account Planning Seminar at Moody College.

In addition to the faculty panel, students from two advertising courses will tweet their thoughts about Super Bowl-related social media and ads. Students from Wilcox's Social Media course will post under #AdGradBowl, and students from Wille's Sports and Social Media course will post under #ADV378S.

The faculty members all have deep experience in advertising, marketing, traditional media, social media, online media and messaging. For a fuller description of their backgrounds, please see:

For more information, contact: Laura Byerley.