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Free Web-Based Photo Enhancement Tool Developed By UT Austin Scientists

AUSTIN, Texas — What began as an effort to better understand how animal and human visual systems work has led to a revolutionary method for enlarging and enhancing photos that is being made available, free of charge, from the Center for Perceptual Systems at The University of Texas at Austin. Wilson Geisler, center director and…   » Continue Reading

Researchers Develop Optimal Algorithm for Determining Focus Error in Eyes and Cameras

University of Texas at Austin researchers have discovered how to extract and use information in an individual image to determine how far objects are from the focus distance, a feat only accomplished by human and animal visual systems until now.

Brain’s Center for Perceiving 3-D Motion Is Identified

Brain’s Center for Perceiving 3-D Motion Is Identified

Ducking a punch or a thrown spear calls for the power of the human brain to process 3-D motion, and to perceive an object (whether it's offensive or not) moving in three dimensions is critical to survival. It also leads to a lot of fun at 3-D movies.

Researchers develop formulas to replicate optimal vision tracking strategies

Mathematical formulas for optimal eye movements that have significant implications for designing robotic visual systems and improving visual performance for people losing eyesight have been developed by University of Texas at Austin researchers.